On Motherhood & Sanity

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

family portrait_guest post

by Mila

They say it runs through me

They say it runs through me. They say it defines me.

I’ve seen it slip out of me in times of pain.
And hide, (like a coward) in times of true tribulation.

There is blue blood. There is warm blood.
There is your blood and my blood.
There’s also –apparently- the right blood and the wrong blood.

All I know is I bleed. And you bleed.
All I know is it thumps through my head when I am frightened.
Through my heart when I am scared.
It boils. It’s boiling right now, from anger.

It bathed my son into life.
It bathed my friend into death.

Women bleed often. Sometimes to no end

It once tried to slip from me, all together.
And sometimes, when the future seems bleak, it does it again.

My blood, your blood
Blue blood, true blood

It wears thin coat of skin.

And –apparently- it makes all the difference.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stranded, January family self portrait

(click to enlarge photo) - Maria Chiquita Beach

Normally I am the laziest person ever. but this Sunday I decided we should make the best of life and head off in an adventure. I'd gotten us discounted passes to an animal shelter  with access to a private beach. I even secured dog sitting so Loui wouldn't be alone all day. As far as I was concerned, I was rocking the day.

One hour and a half away from home the car broke down... we had people push us until we could make it to the parking lot...

So this is us not making it to the animal shelter in a  not-so-great beach waiting for the tow truck.... still, as far as places to get stranded go, not the worst.

and so begins 2017....